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Farmacie Internazionali offers ship supplies to shipping companies

Farmacie Internazionali has been working alongside ship-owners for years in offering promptly and competitively priced medicines, medical aids and first aid supplies thanks to a range of specific references.

Many are the passenger shipping lines, merchant and cruise ships that have chosen Farmacie internazionali and renew the partnership every year, rewarding the high quality of service offered to their customers. Our strengths include guaranteeing the quality and timeliness of national and international shipments while preserving the cold chain for both 11-25° and refrigerated 2-8° products.

In the service of on-board supplies, in line with the regulations of the Ministerial Decree October 2015, we offer control in the supply of narcotic drugs, reinstatement of drugs and medical supplies and/or reinstatement of Medical Tables A, B and C.

Possibility of supplying medicines under board to ships in the various ports.


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Intermediary distributor

Farmacie Internazionali was established in the 1960s when Carmine Petrone founded the Petrone Group, taking over ownership of his father’s pharmacy, which had been open since 1924.

With more than eighty years of experience, 7 locations in Campania and partnerships with local entities, Farmacie Internazionali offers a wide range of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products, foods for the intolerant, clinical supplies, and cosmetic products; in addition, it has a Galenic Laboratory for magistral and officinal preparations according to current regulations.

Intermediate distributor between drug manufacturing industries and pharmacies open to the public.

E-commerce & B2B

Today Farmacie Internazionali is also online to offer everyone, at all times, a complete service through the shipment of products worldwide and the wholesale distribution of medicines throughout the country through its own logistics facilities.

Below in detail are the activities carried out:

  • The operation of pharmacies and therefore the sale of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products at wholesale and retail;
  • The supply of drugs, blood products armaci, sop and otc, parapharmaceuticals, veterinary drugs to hospital entities;
  • The wholesale distribution of parapharmaceuticals and supplements, homeopathic remedies, galenic preparations, medical-surgical aids and special-purpose food products;
  • Supply to military bodies (Air Force, Army, Navy, Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza and the Ministry of Justice) of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products.

Service Pharmacy:

  • Assistance and dispensing of medications at home
  • CUP booking service
  • Co-payment
  • Diagnostic services and telemedicine
  • Immunization service

7 locations

7 locations in Naples and Sant’ Anastasia.

1. Via San Donato, 16 – 24 CAP 80126 Napoli
Numero telefono +39 081 726 1366

2. Via Alessandro Manzoni, 26/f
80123 Napoli NA
Numero telefono +39 081 64 64 01

3. Via Calabritto, 6,
80121 Napoli NA
Numero telefono +39 081 764 3444

4. Parafarmacia/Erboristeria Messegue
Piazza San Pasquale, 11/12
80121 Napoli NA
Numero telefono +39 081 764 2428
5. Nato
JFC NAPLES – Allied Joint Force Command Naples – NATO
Via Madonna Del Pantano, Lago Patria, Campania
Numero telefono +39 340 10 16 833
6. Hub P.zza Vittoria

7. Farmacia Dei Romani
Via Romani, 156,
80048 Sant’Anastasia NA
Numero telefono +39 081 530 7741

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Globally myocardinate interactive supply chains with distinctive quality vectors.

Future Plans

Globally revolutionize global sources through interoperable service clients.

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Why choose us


Logistics facilities owned by the group not outsourced to third parties, we serve the entire national territory, deliveries even 24/h, management even of minimum quantities, dedicated flash offers, dedicated customer service 6 days a week, revision service of the manual with optimization of costs and stocks, galenic laboratory.

Regional Auth. pursuant to Legislative Decree 219 art. 100 no. 55 of 28/01/2021

Ministerial Auth. pursuant to Presidential Decree 309/90 no. 231 of 28/06/2020

We also work on the MEPA system.


Farmacie Internazionali (Petrone Group), wholesaler and distributor, serves about 300 customers daily including hospital facilities, clinics and nursing homes, Dialysis Centers, Blood products, and Occupational medicine.


For decades, we have been operating on a large scale in the distribution and wholesale of medicines, sop and otc, parapharmaceuticals, veterinary, supplements, homoeopathic, galenic preparations, medical devices, and special food products.

Facilities complying with all certifications and inspections, the highest standards in control and storage of products, reduced delivery times thanks to a network of carriers that deliver 12 hours a day, flexibility, and collaboration of our sales department.

Through our logistics organization, we are able to satisfy even small orders in a minimum time, giving importance to each customer in the same way. The continuous support in all phases of the supply characterizes the activity of our staff.


  • partner centricity: we thoroughly analyse and understand our partners’ needs, developing a strategic approach aimed at a satisfactory ‘partner experience’;
  • focus on sourcing and sales: we offer products of different origins and product categories thanks to the expertise of our dedicated teams;
  • commitment: our teams are dedicated to building long-term relationships with all our suppliers and customers based on trust and transparency;
  • excellence: categories of excellence. We have specialised teams in the different product categories and markets and specially developed departments to assess the safety of operations in terms of substance and legislation.Indeed, we can, on request, provide a series of documents proving the quality and the origin of the products, such as the Certificate of Pedigree and Track/Trace.

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