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Working in the Petrone Group means putting yourself on the line and becoming part of a company strongly oriented towards business growth and development and always ready for new challenges.

Petrone Group was born in the 1960s from the intuition of Carmine Petrone, who, accompanied by his wife Fernanda, started the group by acquiring the small pharmacy of his father, who in turn had acquired it from his grandfather… thus establishing the origins of this tradition in the 19th century.
The pharmacy was the foundation stone of a group that grew rapidly over the following years thanks to the contribution of the three sons who took over the business a few years later: Raffaele, Massimo and Pierluigi.

The contribution of the whole family made the growth and diversification of the business possible. Today, in fact, the group’s companies range from logistics to research, from local pharmacies to rehabilitation centres; they have transcended the boundaries of the pharmaceutical field and represent an example of sustainable growth and well-planned differentiation.

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Raffaele Petrone
Executive Chairman
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The beginning

Carmine Petrone took over the ownership of the pharmacy from his pharmacist father, who had in turn taken over his father’s business, which had its roots in the 19th century, and started the intercontinental import-export business thanks to the collaboration with Commandant Lauro.


Rehabilitation Centres

Start of psycho-motor rehabilitation activities with important collaborations with world-class excellence. Today the Group boasts seven rehabilitation centres, a vast range of services and therapies of excellence offered to patients in southern Italy.  


Fin Posillipo

Establishment of Fin Posillipo, a holding company operating in the field of strategic, financial and development investments for the Group, and financial and commercial consulting in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Through its subsidiaries, the Group also conducts research and development in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors.  



Birth of Euromed, active mainly in four main business lines: IMP Managment, Orphan Drugs, Unlicensed Products, Global Comparator Sourcing.


BCN Farma

Incorporation of the company BCN Farma based in Barcelona, wholesaler of generic and branded drugs for human and veterinary use, parapharmaceuticals, medical devices, personal care and cosmetics.



Acquisition of Pharmaidea, a Contract Sales Organisation, established in 2000, which provides a wide variety of services including the sale of pharmaceutical products, medical and scientific information and tender management for hospital products. Pharmaidea is also a pharmaceutical company owning drugs in the Cough & Cold and Gastro segments and from 2022 is also present in the veterinary area with a business unit dedicated to the sale and scientific information of its own brands under the Vettys brand.  



PHD Pharmaceuticals

Incorporation of the company PHD Pharmaceuticals based in Dublin which carries out activities in the sourcing and supply of medical products to manufacturers and wholesalers.



Incorporation of the real estate company Fin Posillipo Immobiliare, now Carpefin that manages owned or leased real estate assets and participations in real estate companies, with real estate assets to date of approximately 80 million.


Quick Park

Acquisition of control of the Quick Group, which provides parking management services and the creation and optimisation of parking and mobility areas at 360°. Its most significant projects include the entire design and construction of the Morelli car park in Naples, 7 floors with 432 parking spaces inside an existing cave, which won two prestigious industry awards: the Epa Award and the World’s Coolest Car Park.



Acquisition of control of the listed company Pierrel, which specialises in the production, development, registration and licensing of dental anaesthetics and medical devices for oral care and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of own-brand dental anaesthetics, including Orabloc, which is marketed in most world markets and has achieved a significant market share in the USA. The manufacturing plant received European Medicines Agency (EMA) approval in 1989 and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in 2009.  


STM Group

Acquisition of STM Group, now STM Pharma Pro, which offers integrated, stationary and distribution consulting and logistics services to pharmaceutical companies in Italy.  


Euromed Pharma APAC

Establishment of Petrone Group Asia Pacific, now Euromed Pharma APAC, based in Singapore, active in pharmaceutical trading in South East Asia.



Establishment of a partnership with NHP, the Italian company that has been operating for years in the green economy sector in Italy, creating an integrated sustainable development model at the service of companies, cities and people. The company also supplied the Group with photovoltaic systems for both its headquarters and goods storage sites.  


Grafiche Pizzi

Acquisition of control of Grafiche Pizzi based in Settimo Milanese (MI) leader in the printing of leaflets and cartons for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors. Fold-it is the innovative system developed “in house” and patented by Grafiche Pizzi to solve the problem of leaflets that are increasingly large and difficult to machine.  


Altheia Science

Partnership with the start-up Altheia, which aims to develop cures and medicines that solve auto-immune diseases (multiple sclerosis and diabetes).


Euromed Pharma US

Incorporation of Euromed Pharma US based in New York active in pharmaceutical trading and clinical trials in the US market.


Health Triage

Acquisition of Health Triage based in Turin, a company dedicated to the development of technologies and expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to precision medicine, focused on screening, cancer prevention and improving treatments through new technologies based on deep learning.


Tenuta Melofioccolo

Establishment of the company Tenuta Melofioccolo based in Naples, which organises educational and social events in the field of agriculture.  



Incorporation of the start-up 1000 Farmacie, founded by Nicolò Petrone, 4th generation of the Petrone family, the first Italian marketplace that brings together independent pharmacies with the final consumer.


Petrone Group Headquarters

Completion of the new Headquarters at Bagnoli (NA) of about 3,000 square metres, designed in compliance with the most modern engineering systems and with the most advanced energy-saving technologies.  


Euromed Pharma DACH

Establishment of the company Euromed Pharma DACH based in Berlin, active in the marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical products.  

Incorporation of the company Petrone Group Asia Pacific, now Euromed Pharma APAC, based in Singapore, active in the pharmaceutical trading sector in South East Asia.

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