What we doSupply, acquisition and distribution
of cosmetics and perfumes

Petrone Group deals with import/export and supplying of any type of cosmetic product

In optics of trading and distribution, Petrone Group has included the cosmetic sector as well, in its most diverse facets:

• skincare ed haircare
• personal care
• make up e perfumes

We deal with a wide selection of international cosmetic products all around the world, luxury brands, perfumes, and skin-care products.

Thanks to the experience obtained in the pharmaceutical sector, business core of the group, we aim to offer an integrated service, mindful of the client’s needs, helping him in every phase of the acquisition and in the successive phases, from the quick delivery to the administration of the return of the product. Through our logistic organization we are able to satisfy orders in minimal times, even if small, caring about every client equally. The constant help in every phase of the supply has always been typical of the activity of our staff.
The availability of branded drugs varies, differing between seasons and accessibility.

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Why choose us


“Thanks to our international locations, we are able to process your projects and requests in the best possible way by guaranteeing direct contact and constant support as well as fast and flexible business flows.”

OUR WORK: We buy from our Authorised and Trusted Distributors, not only located in Italy, where our Head Office is based, but also in other Markets: USA, Spain, Ireland, Germany and Singapore.

WHAT WE DO: We guarantee value to all stakeholders and a quality service that allows us to be competitive on the international market.

Thanks to our extensive and globally dispersed presence, we guarantee constant and fast support during our partners’ working hours, accommodating different time zones.


Our professional international purchasing team guarantees the best access to products from different markets.

Our international structure ensures our partners’ logistical solutions that enable fast and flexible trade flows.


  • partner centricity: we thoroughly analyse and understand our partners’ needs, developing a strategic approach aimed at a satisfactory ‘partner experience’;
  • focus on sourcing and sales: we offer products of different origins and product categories thanks to the expertise of our dedicated teams;
  • commitment: our teams are dedicated to building long-term relationships with all our suppliers and customers based on trust and transparency;
  • excellence: categories of excellence. We have specialised teams in the different product categories and markets and specially developed departments to assess the safety of operations in terms of substance and legislation.Indeed, we can, on request, provide a series of documents proving the quality and the origin of the products, such as the Certificate of Pedigree and Track/Trace.


Teams specialized in different categories of product and in different markets and departments developed ad hoc for the security evaluation of the operations in substantial and legislative terms.

Partner centricity

We analyse and understand deeply the needs of our partners, developing a strategic approach focused on a satisfying “partner experience”.

Focus sourcing

We offer products of different origin and merceologic category thanks to the expertise of our dedicated teams.


Our teams are dedicated to building long term relations with all our suppliers and clients, based on trust and transparency.

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