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Clinical Trial &
Comparator Sourcing

Euromed Pharma is a business of Petrone Group highly specialized in the supply of services related to Clinical Studies.
servizi clinical trial supply 1015x970
servizi clinical trial supply 1015x970
What we do


Petrone Group deals with import/export and distribution of all types of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products and is to all intents and purposes a one-stop supplier
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pharmaceutical supply services petrone group 1015x970
Why us?

Distribution and pharmaceutical
logistics services

We are offering to our partner companies specialized services of logistics related to businesses in the fields of pharmaceutics, healthcare, veterinary, cosmetics and food.
distribuzione farmaceutica e servizi di logistica petrone grouo 1015x970
distribuzione farmaceutica e servizi di logistica petrone grouo 1015x970
Customer focus
Partner centricity
Expert staff in every time zone
Quality supply chain
We respect the supply chain granting the European quality standards.
Your trustworthy partner

B2B services we are offering

In this section you will find informations about our businesses and services of the Petrone Group

Pharmaceutical distribution

The Petrone Group deals with import/export and distribution of any type of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical product and is by all means a one-stop supplier able to supply brand name drugs (branded) and equivalent (generic), for human and veterinary use.

Specialized Clinical trial supply

Euromed Pharma offers support for every clinical and non-clinical phase of the development of the drug, from the acquisition of samples for non-human use, to the supply of drugs for the phases III and IV of the Clinical Study.

Direct distribution

Euromed Pharma acts as a precious link between the AIC representative and the patients when the latters are in need of drugs, most of the times “life-saving” treatments for incurable diseases, that can’t be made available in the common clinical or commercial context.

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Petrone Group at 360°

Why choose
Petrone Group?

We are always looking for talented people, determined and excited to join the group.

Your personal growth is supported by a system of constant courses for updates or for formation.

Culture: Our workforce, culturally diversified, is one of our best strengths and the rich experience that many cultures bring, through competence and different backgrounds, is priceless. We are proud that our global workforce is united by our common values.

Incentives: You will have the chance to grow also on the economic side, through plans of meritocratic incentives.

Commitment: Your commitment and passion are the springboard for your career. We let you give your most every day.

Growth: You will work in an established and growing company, based on strong and real values.

Teamwork: Your ability, knowledge, and experience will be boosted by a dynamic and compact context.


A broad spectrum investor in the healthcare sector

Financial Services

Enterprises. We offer organisational and management support to pharmaceutical companies in all legal definitions, from debt collection to tender participation and compliance with national laws and regulations.
IT Management Solution
We use highly qualified systems and advanced management solutions to support our business needs in terms of ERP software, reporting and forecasting systems, business intelligence tools, CRM, cash pooling and centralised treasury management activities.
Don't be the first.
Be the best
Raffaele Petrone
Executive chairman at Petrone Group

Venture investor in Life-science
Deep expertise and interest in catalyzing investment projects of highly innovative companies, keeping it synergic to our core business with the aim of bringing mutual benefit and industrial growth.
Shared services
Our centralized services are Finance and Purchasing and Legal, Tax, Treasury, Information Systems, Accounting, Tax, Treasury able to be offered as 3P services.
360° Support
We offer support at all stages
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Help us make a real difference

Petrone Group

Help us make a difference on a global scale. Whether you are starting or continuing your career, find out how to express your talent in Petrone to have an impact on the world from Italy.

Raffaele Petrone
Petrone Group CEO


Petrone Group
in short

More than 40 companies that supply services and solutions in the pharmaceutical and sanitarian sector. Our head office is in Naples and we have subsidiaries strategically located in Milan, Brescia, Barcellona, Dublino, Singapore e New York.
  • 1 Headquarters in Naples
  • 12 Subsidiaries
  • In Trend With The Times
  • Over 700 Milions euro turnover
  • 2.010+ workforce
Where we are
  • Naples
  • Milan
  • Berlin
  • Lion
  • London
  • Paris
  • Dublin
  • Raleigh
  • Barcelona
  • Singapore
  • Brescia
  • Lisbon
Our team
  • Human capital is one of our most important assets. More than more 1000 direct employees and other indirect practitioners work every day in the Petrone Group through a flexible and quick-reply organization.

Nurture Ideas

Quickly coordinate e-business applications through catalysts for change motions.

Plan Smart

Globally myocardinate interactive supply chains with distinctive quality vectors.

Future Plans

Globally revolutionize global sources through interoperable service clients.

Enjoy Success

Energistically myocardinate testing procedures whereas manufactured products.

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    If you wish to speak with our team, contact us through the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Call us at +39 0812415111

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