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We are always looking for talented people, determined and excited to join the group.

Choosing to work in Petrone Group means being involved and being part of a company strongly focused on the growth and development of the business, always ready for new challenges.

We strongly believe in talent, but even more in hard work and willpower, because the success of a company is based on the value of its members.

Explore the opportunities of Petrone Group according to your profile.

Your commitment and passion are the springboard for your career. We let you give your most every day.

We offer a series of internship programs, full time job opportunities (as direct or in internship) to start your career in the Petrone Group.

Do you want to be part of this winning cooperation? If you see yourself in this mindset, feel free to get in contact with one of our staff members. We will be happy to discuss it with you.


40+ businesses

We provide solutions and services in the pharmaceutical sector and beyond.

1.130+ Workforce

Human capital is one of our most important assets. More than 860 direct employees and 270 non-direct professionals work every day in the Petrone Group through a flexible and fast-responding organisation.

7 Branches

Milan, Brescia, New York, Berlin, Dublin, Barcelona, Singapore

Over 600

million euro turnover
Petrone Group at 360°

Why choose Petrone Group?

We are always looking for talented, determined and enthusiastic people to join the group.
Personal growth
Your personal growth is supported by a system of constant courses for updates or for formation.
Our workforce, culturally diversified, is one of our best strengths and the rich experience that many cultures bring, through competence and different backgrounds, is priceless. We are proud that our global workforce is united by our common values.
You will have the chance to grow also on the economic side, through plans of meritocratic incentives.
Your commitment and passion are the springboard for your career. We let you give your most every day.
You will work in an established and growing company based on strong and concrete values.
Your ability, knowledge, and experience will be boosted by a dynamic and compact context.
Work with us

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Spontaneous applications received by filling in the form feed a unique database for the main companies in our Group, which is constantly updated with selected CVs

    We have a solid structure.
    We know how to listen and meet the needs of our customers
    We are highly specialized in pharmaceutical distribution.
    Worldwide locations:
    We have locations in Europe, America and Asia
    Reliability, timeliness and transparency are the most significant elements in assessing the substantial quality of our services.
    Tailor made solutions
    We try to offer services tailored to the customer.
    Our multicultural team is continuously expanding. 40 companies on 3 continents.
    Creative environments:
    Our Headqurters stimulate creativity.

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    If you wish to speak with our team, contact us through the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Call us at +39 0812415111

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