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Thanks to the strong position of its affiliates in the national distribution of pharmaceutical products in various European countries

Euromed Pharma is a perfect partner for companies who wish to distribute their products throughout Europe, but who for lack of expertise, resources or a strategic decision prefer to leave the commercial process to a partner of choice with a direct presence in the relevant territories.

Many decades of experience in healthcare logistics ensure that pharmaceutical products will be handled in a highly controlled, constantly validated and efficiently integrated supply chain. From a commercial perspective, the distribution model allows us to bear the full weight of billing and collection activities, reducing the impact on AIC holder’s finances and improving their commercial competitiveness.

Euromed Pharma provides the following services to our customers

  • Supply and storage of drugs (room temperature/refrigerated)
  • Supply and distribution (room/refrigerated temperature)
  • Traceability with the Ministry of Health (warehouse and economic movements)
  • Management of returns/recalls
  • Customer service with hospitals
  • Monitoring of supply tenders, registration and participation
  • Order management
  • Credit management
  • Periodic forecasts and reports (stock and sales)

Clinical trial
supply service

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Euromed Pharma is able to source drugs on all continents, ensuring:

  • Direct purchase from manufacturers
  • Short supply Chain
  • CoA, CoC, BRC
  • Pedigree / Statement of Authenticity
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Diverse origins through offices in Italy, USA, Singapore, Germany, Spain and Ireland and related suppliers in the relevant time zones

Supply Chain, Logistics,
Storage and Distribution

Euromed Pharma offers services of:

  • Storage
  • Direct distribution to sites
  • Temperature controlled shipping with premium couriers
  • Drug import/export services
  • Optimization of logistics costs and flows


Euromed Pharma offers consultancy both in the early stages of protocol drafting and in more advanced stages in order to guide Sponsors and stakeholders towards the best solutions in terms of drug selection and sourcing as well as innovative solutions for drug labelling and packaging.

IMP Management

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STM Pharma PRO’s manufacturing workshop has a dedicated area for manufacturing activities, providing manufacturing services in compliance with EU-GMP / CGMP.

  • Production of placebo capsules by filling with inert excipient
  • Masking of IMPs by overencapsulation of solid oral formulations
  • Distribution of active ingredient in capsules
  • Production of technical and experimental batches
  • Production of placebo tablets through a validated external partner
  • Batch release and QP certification


Primary and secondary packaging of drugs for experimental clinical use are the core activity of STM PHARMA PRO’s pharmaceutical workshop.

  • Blistering of solid oral formulations in PVC/PVDC/ALU and in ALU/ALU
  • Blistering of solid oral formulations
  • Secondary packaging and packaging of all types of formulations
  • Ad hoc packaging design according to customer and clinical trial requirements
  • Provision of user-friendly packaging materials checked to meet quality specifications


Expertise, high responsiveness, flexibility and wide range of options for IMP distribution in Italy, Europe and worldwide

  • Shipment preparation within 24 hours after receipt of request
  • Shipments at 2-8°C and 15-25°C by dedicated courier, delivery within 24h (maximum 72h)
  • Controlled and uncontrolled temperature shipments by express courier, 24-hour delivery throughout Europe
  • Just-in-time delivery (Italy: 12-24h; Abroad: 24-72h)
  • Monitoring of transport conditions via disposable data loggers
  • Use of validated boxes for temperature-controlled shipments
  • Use of specific shipment/delivery forms for Clinical Trials
  • Management of allocation requests and IMP resupply via IXRS, email, or fax
  • Delivery confirmation via system and paper POD by Investigators
  • Tracking of request and shipment status
  • Distribution in US, Russia, and Australia through local depots
  • Import/export customs processing

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Globally myocardinate interactive supply chains with distinctive quality vectors.

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Globally revolutionize global sources through interoperable service clients.

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Energistically myocardinate testing procedures whereas manufactured products.

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